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Good Shepherd Center Tenant Listing

Alliance Francaise, (206) 632-5433, Room 205

Barba, Salvatore Ph.D., (206) 525-0750, Room 344

Beck, Tom Ph.D., (206) 329-9235, Room 341

Cascade Harvest Coalition, (206) 632-0606, Room 123

CG Jung Society Seattle, (206) 547-3956, Room 222

Center for a Positive Alternative to A.A., (206) 547-1955, Room 200

Colli, Janet Ph.D., (206) 329-9235, Room 341

Cramer, Christina LMP, (206) 328-4196, Room 300

Dan Haldeman, Integrative Psychotherapy, PH.Dc, LMFTA, (530) 632-5610, Room 342

Dispute Resolution Center of King County, (206) 443-9603, Suite 520

Good Shepherd Hourly Room Rental Program, (206) 547-8127, Room 226

Good Shepherd Center Property Managers Office, (206) 547-8127, Room 226

Gyrotonic Movement Center, (206) 547-5880, Room 440

Hostelling International Washington State Council (HI-WSC)

Houseworth, Deborah M.Ac.,L.Ac., (206) 525-0750 , Room 343

iLEAP, (206) 588-5327, Room 400

International Snow Leopard Trust, (206) 632-2421, Room 325

King County Nurses Association, (206) 545-0603, Room 224

Mayes, Carol, MSW, LICSW , (206) 817-3036 Room 346

Meridian School - Main Office, (206) 632-7154, Room 242

NEO Art School, (206) 632-2530, Room 121

NW Infant Survival & SIDS Alliance, (206) 548-9290, Room 350

Pacific NW Needle Arts Guild,, Room 120

Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), (206) 547-8570, Room 324

Riley, Lanie MSW, LMT, (206) 545-4266, Room 340

Seattle Tilth Association:

Business Office, (206) 632-0451, Room 100;
Garden Hotline, (206) 633-0224, Room 100;
Master Composters, (206) 633-0097, Room 100

Sundin, Joyce E. Intervention Specialist, (206) 634-0434, Room 347

Thomas, Peter Phd., Therapist, (206) 634-2162, Room 300

Tilth Producers of Washington, Room 305

Union Physical Therapy, (206) 819-4002, Room 302

Wallingford Senior Center, (206) 461-7825, Room 100

Washington Green Schools, (206) 290-8376, Room 303

Washington Toxics Coalition, (206) 632-1545, Room 540

Washington Water Trails Association, (206) 545-9161, Room 307

Woestwin, Anya M.A., Counselor, (206) 632-0830, Room 342

Women's Recovery Center, (206) 547-1955, Room 200

The ALLIANCE FRANCAISE OF SEATTLE The Alliance Française de Seattle was founded in 1987. We are one of America's 140 chapters of the Alliance Française, the largest network of French language and cultural centers in the world. Our Alliance is an independently supported American organization governed by our Franco-American Board of Directors, which reports to our members. The Alliance Française de Seattle is a dynamic educational and cultural nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves the Puget Sound area. Our mission is to promote the French language, increase awareness of French and francophone cultures, and foster friendly relations between them. We offer a broad array of engaging programs and activities for people of all ages with any level of French language proficiency. Our educational courses, multimedia library, social activities and cultural events celebrate the French language and francophone culture. They include lectures, plays, musical events, soirées, activities for both children and families, film screenings, musical performances and art exhibitions. The Alliance Française de Seattle is affiliated with a worldwide network that dates from 1883, when the Alliance Française de Paris was created to promote French language and culture and to foster positive relations between Francophones and Francophiles of all racial, national and ethnic origins. In the USA, the Alliance Française de Paris is represented by its general delegation at the French embassy in Washington, D.C.: Délégation Générale de l'Alliance Française de Paris aux États-Unis. We are also a member of the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA.

We celebrate French and francophone traditions and holidays and our calendar of events is also publicized in our free e-newsletter.

TOM BECK, PH.D.provides psychotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) dealing with a broad spectrum of issues, including spiritual emergence. He teaches meditation, offers hypnotherapy, and specializes in transpersonal therapy--the integration of spiritual awakening. Thomas is the author of the upcoming book, The End of Homo Sapiens: And the Birth of a New Species. Dr. Beck also researches emerging energy & communications technologies. As consciousness researchers, the investigations of Drs. Beck and Colli extend to the scientific arena through co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals. Their research integrates modern science, extraordinary experience and healing. In professional partnership for over twenty years, their joint endeavors seek to enrich the quality of life and advance intellectual discovery.
Web site:
Phone: 206.329.9235

CASCADE HARVEST COALITION is a non-profit organization working to build a sustainable local food system by supporting farmers, supporting consumers, and building healthy communities. Our programs and activities address issues affecting the local food and farm system by building awareness and appreciation for the important economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of family farming in the region; promoting preservation and protection of farmlands and farming resources; enhancing community food security by improving access to locally-produced food; and working collaboratively with individuals and organizations to affectively identify and address issues facing the local food system. Puget Sound Fresh ( is a local farm product branding and consumer education program; Farm to Table: Connecting Local Farmers with Local Food Buyers provides key market connections between farmers and food buyers; Washington FarmLink provides valuable farm transition and farmer education services; the Puget Sound Food Project is working to address critical processing infrastructure needs; and Harvest Celebrations foster important farmer-consumer linkages. Visit us at or email

The C.G. JUNG SOCIETY is a nonprofit educational corporation formed to provide a forum for the ideas of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Established in 1972, the group seeks to promote an understanding of Jung's analytical psychology and current use of Jungian concepts by contemporary thinkers. One of many such groups throughout the world, the Society sponsors lectures and seminars by local and nationally known Jungian scholars. They also maintain a reference library.  
Web site:
Phone: (206) 547-3956

DAN HALDEMAN, PH.Dc,, LMFTA, License # MG 60217258 Integrative Psychotherapy, Bio-Resonance Energy Therapy Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families LGBT friendly (530) 632-5610

JANET ELIZABETH COLLI, PH.D., provides psychotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) dealing with a broad spectrum of issues, including trauma, life-challenging illness, and spiritual emergence. She specializes in transpersonal therapy--the integration of spiritual awakening.  Janet is the author of the upcoming book, The Dark Face of Heaven: True Stories of Transcendence Through Trauma. As consciousness researchers, the investigations of Drs. Colli and Beck extend to the scientific arena through co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals.  Their research integrates modern science, extraordinary experience and healing. In professional partnership for over twenty years, their joint endeavors seek to enrich the quality of life and advance intellectual discovery. 
Web site:
Phone: 206.329.9235


The GOOD SHEPHERD CENTER HOURLY ROOM RENTAL PROGRAM has one Conference Room and one Meeting Room available Monday through Saturday for Hourly Rentals. Please call Cindy Hughes at the Good Shepherd Center Office 206-547-8127 for application forms, information on room availability, and for appointments to see space. All GSC rentals must be reserved and scheduled at least 14 days in advance. Many of the Good Shepherd Center tenants program public events in the spaces including Seattle Tilth.

DEBORAH HOUSEWORTH provides holistic and complementary health care such as acupuncture, herbs, psychotherapy, therapeutic meditation trainings, and hypnotherapy.

iLEAP is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and renew social leaders and global citizens through integrated leadership programs that ignite hope and transformation in the world. We conduct programs in Seattle, Washington and collaborate with social leaders throughout Asia, Africa, and Central America to build regional networks of change leaders who are connected through a values-based approach to leadership and committed to building strong global partnerships for social change.

INTERNATIONAL SNOW LEOPARD TRUST is dedicated to conserving the endangered snow leopard and the biological diversity of the snow leopard's wilderness habitat in central Asia. Working in partnership with individuals and institutions in Central Asia, the non-profit ISLT seeks to achieve its mission through balanced approaches which consider both the needs of people and of the environment. ISLT supports programs of research and monitoring, field conservation, capacity-building for range country organizations, training and technical assistance, and environmental education.
Web site:

KING COUNTY NURSES ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization founded in 1903 whose purpose is to work for the improvement of health standards and the availability of health care; and to foster and promote high standards of nursing through education. A variety of workshops, conferences, and special interest groups are available for registered nurses.
Web site:
Phone: (206) 545-0603

CAROL MAYES MSW, LICSWCAROL MAYES MSW, LICSW offers mental health counseling for individuals, couples and families. Her approach to therapy is strength based, with a foundation in psychodynamic and systems theories. She provides a supportive, safe and confidential environment in which to deal with a broad range of issues, including life transitions, relationships, trauma, anxiety, depression, parenting and meaningful self-discovery. Therapy focuses on achieving/restoring emotional wellness for positive growth and healing. By offering a sliding fee scale, she is able to provide services to those who cannot otherwise afford experienced counseling services.
Phone:(206) 817-3036

HOSTELLING INTERNATIONAL (USA )promotes cultural understanding of the world and its people through hostelling. Our Good Shepherd office serves as the Seattle community engagement headquarters, where we organize quality cultural education programs for youth and community members, run a student internship program, provide travel information, and engage travelers. For more information please visit

MERIDIAN SCHOOL is an independent school and charitable organization promoting a balance of academics, character education and social responsibility in a strong community setting. It provides students with small class sizes, exceptional teachers, a rich curriculum and a historic setting that all make learning more challenging and meaningful.
Web site:
Jack Shea, Head of School
Phone: (206)632-7154

MERIDIAN SCHOOL EXTENDED CARE is open to students enrolled in the elementary school program. The after school activities include drama, music, sports and art.

MERIDIAN SCHOOL SUMMER QUEST provides week-long summer day camps and enrichment programs open to students from the Wallingford community, Seattle and beyond. Programs are active, experiential and fun.

NEO ART SCHOOL's permanent facility was established in 1983 to bring art productivity to the community in an easily accessible medium. They feature certified teachers, organized lesson plans, and a structured classroom approach integrated into an environment conducive to developing artistic ability and confidence in children ages three through twelve.

The PACIFIC NORTHWEST NEEDLE ARTS GUILD is a non-profit volunteer organization. It was organized for education, to encourage individuals to pursue knowledge in the needle arts and to raise and maintain standards of technique and design. They have three general meetings yearly, publish a monthly newsletter, furnish workshops, satellite groups, study circles, annual fiber show, maintain a library, furnish books to members and provide service to the community.
Web site:

PROGRAM FOR EARLY PARENT SUPPORT (PEPS)is a non-profit organization that brings parents of infants and young children together in community-based discussion and support groups. Learn more about our programs, including the Newborn, Baby Peppers, Little Peppers and more at When parents connect, kids benefit.
Web site:

LANIE RILEY, MSW, LMP is a certified social worker and licensed massage practitioner practicing in Wallingford for over 20 years. She provides counseling to adults and does play therapy with children. She has a sub-specialty in bereavement. Lanie also offers massage treatment for relaxation and relief from muscle soreness, stiffness, and spasm. She accepts insurance for both counseling and massage therapy.

SEATTLE TILTH is a non-profit volunteer organization of gardeners interested in environmentally sound ways of growing edible and ornamental plants. The gardens in the rear of the Good Shepherd Center are managed by Tilth as demonstration gardens, and include a children's garden. Since 1986, Seattle Tilth has administered the City's nationally known Community Compost Education Program. The organization is committed to increasing urban self-reliance by sharing ideas and techniques in organic gardening, edible landscaping, composting and related subjects through its newsletter, demonstration garden, workshops, lectures, tours and referrals. Tilth is funded by memberships, donations, grants and proceeds from activities such as the annual Spring Plant Sale, the Autumn Harvest Fair, and Winetasting.
Web site:

The NW INFANT SURVIVAL & SIDS ALLIANCE is dedicated to the informational and emotional support of bereaved families, to the education of the general public and professionals, and to the ultimate elimination of sudden infant death through research.
Web site:

JOYCE SUNDIN, CCDC II, NCAC II, is a certified chemical dependency counselor, a national certified addiction counselor, and an intervention specialist who devotes her practice exclusively to interventions. While she works primarily in the field of chemical dependency, she has also been successful with interventions on eating disorders, gambling, smoking cessation and unhealthy dependencies in work and relationships. Her clients typically are the family members, coworkers, and friends of people suffering from addictive disorders. They are then facilitated by Joyce to present a caring message to their person who suffers, and motivate them into a recovery milieu.

PETER THOMAS, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist in practice for 25 years. His work is interactive and uses role-play, movement, imagery and dreams to help people discover and affirm their inner resources for self-renewal.

TILTH PRODUCERS OF WASHINGTON is a 40-year old statewide organic and sustainable farming association made up of Washington’s organic farmers, researchers, educators and businesses. The organization works systemically to promote ecologically sound farming practices that improve the health of our communities and natural environment. We teach organic farming practices; provide networking opportunities for organic farmers, educate consumers about the benefits of local organic agriculture; advocate for sensible agriculture policy and build working relationships among organic industry stakeholders to promote a sustainable food system in Washington.  For more information, or to join the organization, call 206-632-7506, email or visit

UNION PHYSICAL THERAPY is a cooperative physical therapy practice. Mitch Owens MSPT, CMPT began Union PT in 2010 and he is joined by his partner Elisa Scherb DPT, CMPT and Andrew Elsen DPT, Union PT was formed to provide independent practitioners the opportunity to provide the highest level of care possible in a cooperative organizational and practice environment. Information about our practice and online scheduling can be found at

The WALLINGFORD COMMUNITY SENIOR CENTER was established in 1979 to provide a community facility where senior adults can meet together, receive services and participate in activities that will enhance their dignity, support, independence and involvement in the life and affairs of the community. The non-profit Center, open Monday through Friday, is affiliated with Senior Services of King County, funded in part by United Way of King County and Community Development Block Grant monies. Staff members and a large volunteer organization offer relevant services and activities to seniors.

WASHINGTON GREEN SCHOOLS The mission of Washington Green Schools is to challenge students and communities to create a sustainable region through educational experiences that transform school environments. This statewide program provides K-12 educational resources and a certification program to create greener, healthier schools in Washington. The program launched statewide in 2009 and became a non-profit organization in 2011. The vision is that every school will teach, model, and practice environmental sustainability, serving as centers for change in their communities.
Web site:

The WASHINGTON TOXICS COALITION has worked since 1981 to protect human health and the environment by preventing pollution. They believe that people and other species are entitled to clean water, clean air, and an uncontaminated food supply. They advocate pollution-prevention based policies, support sustainable and organic agriculture, promote alternatives to pesticides and other toxic products, and empower communities to address local pollution problems. They work with farmers, farm workers, local citizens, and a broad array of people concerned with securing a safe environment for future generations.
Web site:

WASHINGTON WATER TRAILS ASSOCIATION (WWTA) is a non-profit collaboration of people who love to travel and enjoy the world by small boats. WWTA works to build partnerships with both public and private organizations to create and manage water trails, instill a strong stewardship ethic for the aquatic environment, and to encourage the use of "blueways" for learning about Washington state's special places. The Cascadia Marine Trail provides resting sites for small hand-carried human-and wind-powered watercraft users on Puget Sound from Olympia to the Canadian border. The Lakes-To-Lakes Water Trail provides freshwater access within metropolitan King County and to the Chittenden Locks connecting to Puget Sound.
Web site:

ANYA WOESTWIN, MA provides counseling for individual adults and groups. Her practice focuses on helping people creatively cope with and grow from transitions (such as marriage, divorce, death, career changes, becoming a parent, and midlife), compelling urges (intellectual, artistic, spiritual, sexual and professional), and relationship conflicts. She helps people locate and strengthen their inner resources, and find the meaning that may be imbedded in intractable physical symptoms and illness. She is uses a number of different approaches, among them Process-Oriented Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, NLP   (Neurolinguistic Programming), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She has a sliding scale.

WOMEN'S RECOVERY CENTER offers a positive and innovative program of recovery from alcohol abuse or dependency that does not rely on AA or 12-step participation. Their program is state certified (and therefore covered by most medical insurance policies). The eight week Intensive Out patient Treatment program is based on current recovery research, with small groups and highly trained therapists. Women's Recovery Center's personalized approach to treatment provides specific skills for stopping the addictive behavior and addresses issues common to women that often underlie and perpetuate the drinking problem: depression, anxiety, difficulty with negotiating or resolving conflict in relationships, problems with self image or self esteem, and difficulty with setting or maintaining progress towards goals.

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